money money money – słownictwo

Dziś przedstawiam słownictwo związane z pieniędzmi:

hard up

Hard-up – spłukany

nest egg

A nest egg – oszczędności


Earn peanuts – zarabiać grosze

rip off

Rip-off – zdzierstwo



Rolling in money – tarzać się w pieniądzach

pay range

Be out of your price range – nie na moją kieszeń



A skinflint – skąpiec




A spendthrift – osoba wydająca dużo pieniędzy lub szał zakupów












bread and butter

Sb’s bread and butter – środki stanowiące podstawę utrzymania












Przykłady użycia:

“He came into a lot of money after his grandfather passed away.”

“He’s a bit hard-up now after his tenants moved out and he’s no longer receiving any money from the property.”

“He’s got a nice little nest egg tucked away for his retirement.”

“We wanted to buy the house but it was out of our price range.

“Mistakes happen and quality is affected when you pay people peanuts.”

“They’re asking $50,000 for it, which is a rip-off – it’s only worth about half that amount.”

“He’s rolling in it (money) now he’s got that job in the financial services company.”

“I’ve never known him to buy anyone a drink – he’s such a skinflint.

“Even though she hasn’t got a lot of money, she’s a real spendthrift.”

„His passion is music and writing songs, but his job in the factory is actually his bread and butter.

Wszystkim życzę aby:

come into

Come into money – nagle dostać dużo pieniędzy (wygrać, odziedziczyć)



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