Ukraine crisis – słownictwo z angielskiej prasy

W ramach ćwiczenia czytania ze zrozumieniem po angielsku polecam przeglądanie angielskiej prasy. Wiele gazet jest za darmo dostępnych w internecie, w tym gazety codzienne takie jak: The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent oraz tabloidy takie jak The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Mirror, The Morning Star, The Sun (po zarejestrowaniu).

Polecam czytać jak najwięcej a czytając nie wynotowywać tylko samych słówek ale dane słowo w całym zdaniu lub frazie.

Dziś zamieszczam skrócony artykuł z The Guardian wraz z przetłumaczonymi trudniejszymi słowami. Cały artykuł do przeczytania tu

Western nations scramble1 to contain fallout2 from Ukraine crisis

Interim government3 signals that it will push for4 European integration as Russia recalls ambassador for 'consultation’
Western governments are scrambling to contain the fallout from Ukraine’s weekend revolution, pledging money, support and possible EU membership, while anxiously eyeing the response5 of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, whose protege has been ousted6 .
Seemingly the biggest loser in the three-month drama’s denouement7, the Kremlin has the potential to create the most mischief8 because of Ukraine’s pro-Russian affinities9 in the east and south, and its dependence on Russian energy supplies.
Acting president Oleksander Turchinov said on Sunday night that Ukraine’s new leaders wanted relations with Russia on a „new, equal and good-neighbourly footing10 that recognises and takes into account Ukraine’s European choice”. (…)
European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton will travel to Ukraine on Monday, where she is expected to discuss measures to shore up the ailing economy11 .
With the whereabouts12 of the former president Viktor Yanukovych still uncertain, the Ukrainian parliament legitimised his downfall, (…).
Yanukovych appeared on television from an undisclosed13 location on Saturday night, claiming he was still president and comparing the protesters to Nazis, but he continued to haemorrhage support14 on Sunday; even the leader of his parliamentary faction said he had betrayed Ukraine, and given „criminal orders”.
Western leaders, while welcoming the unexpected turn of events in Kiev, are worried about the country fracturing along pro-Russian and pro-western lines.

1. Walczyć o coś
2. Powstrzymać (nieprzyjemne) skutki
3. Rząd tymczasowy
4. Działać na rzecz, agitować za czymś
5. Przypatrywać się odpowiedzi
6. Pozbawiony / oust sb. from sth – pozbawić kogoś czegoś
7. Finał
8. Tu: intrygi
9. Sympatie
10. Oparcie, podstawa
11. Podpierać, wspomagać borykająca się z trudnościami gospodarkę
12. Miejsce pobytu
13. Nieujawnione, nieznane
14. Gwałtownie tracić poparcie

Putin, preoccupied with the closing ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, has not yet commented publicly on the violence of the past week and Yanukovych’s flight from the capital. Angela Merkel phoned him on Sunday to press for assurances on Russia’s reaction. Susan Rice, the national security adviser to Barack Obama, warned that Moscow would be making a „grave mistake” if it sent military aid to Ukraine.
(…) Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister, has called the protesters on Independence Square „pogromists”, but it appears that Moscow is grudgingly coming to terms with15 the new reality. In a phone call with the US secretary of state, John Kerry, on Sunday, Lavrov accused the opposition of seizing power and failing to abide by the peace deal16 thrashed out on Friday.
Analysts say Yanukovych, disgraced as he is, no longer holds any use for the Kremlin, but how the Russians will react on the ground17 is still an open question (…)
In Kiev, the barricades around Independence Square remained in place, though the lines of riot police have long dissipated18 . Thousands of people came to the barricades to pay respects to the 77 people who died last week in the bloody clashes19 that eventually led to Yanukovych fleeing 20.

15. Niechętnie pogodzić się z
16. Przejęcie władzy i nieutrzymanie traktatu pokojowego
17. Na polu walki
18. Rozproszyć się
19. Krwawe starcia
20. Ucieczka

At Yanukovych’s residence outside Kiev, a team of investigative journalists went to work on a trove of documents fished21 from the water; the president’s minders22 had apparently tried to destroy them before fleeing. Thousands of people again came to see the vast, luxurious compound with their own eyes.
Tymoshenko, who has her eyes on23 the presidency, met the US and EU ambassadors in Kiev. (…)
With the country about to turn a new page in its history24 , for the first time since the crisis erupted in November senior EU officials spoke of the possibility of Ukraine joining the union which, if serious, would represent a major policy shift.
„We are at a historical juncture25 and Europe needs to live up to26 its historical moment and be able to provide Ukraine with an accession perspective in the medium to long term – if it can meet the conditions of accession,” said the economics commissioner, Olli Rehn, at a G20 meeting in Australia.
Until now, Brussels’s policy towards Ukraine and other post-Soviet states, known as the eastern partnership, has been expressly intended as a substitute for rather than a step towards EU membership. It was the EU deal – Yanukovych’s rejection of political and trade pacts with the bloc in favour of cheap loans and energy from Russia – that sparked27 the conflict and crisis in November.
The upshot28 is expected to be an IMF programme, supported by the US and the EU, although EU officials partly blame the IMF for the November fiasco by attaching strict terms29 to loans and prodding30 Yanukovych towards Moscow.
„We will be ready to engage, ready to help,” said Christine Lagarde, the IMF chief who is also being tipped as31 a contender32 for a top job at the EU this year. The fund is likely to insist on major reforms and steps in an attempt to prevent the plunder33 of the country by Ukraine’s oligarchs.

21. Góra dokumentów wyłowionych …
22. (slang) Ochroniarze
23. Mieć chętkę na
24. Zapisać nową kartę w historii
25. chwila
26. Tu: przeżyć
27. Wywołać
28. Ostateczny wynik
29. Stawiać ostre warunki
30. Popychać w kierunku czegoś
31. Typowana na
32. Kandydata
33. Plądrowanie, rabunek, grabież